Sat Jul 4 2009

Fitting side rails and F-757 gussets

Besides some around-the-house tasks, we worked towards getting a decent sized batch of parts ready for priming. My dad squeezed all the rivets along the side of the passenger compartment in preparation for fitting the side rails.

These F-757 gusset plates needed modified for the tipup canopy. I laid out the locations of the cutouts and drilled the holes. My dad cut out the centers while I was over at Greg Schroeder's planning the flight to Oshkosh 2009. When I got home, I did a bit of cleanup filing.

They came out quite nicely, imo.

We also trimmed the ends of the upper J-channel stiffeners.

I clecoed the side rails on to check the fit with the gussets.

Unfortunately I noticed a small gap at the front of the side rail. It looks like the bend in the longeron caused the upper flange of the longeron to deform slightly which created this gap on both sides.

The first fitting of the F-757 gussets identified a problem where we needed to extend the notch in each side rail by about 1/16 inch.

The second fitting of the gussets identified this problem. The trimmed end of the side rail extends about 1/16 inch too far. I'll trim these up tomorrow.