Fri Jul 10 2009

Miscellaneous fuselage work

This evening, I dimpled the structure of the top fuselage including the J-channel stringers, the bulkheads, and the center support rib between the F-706 and F-707 bulkheads.

I noticed where a couple flanges on the bulkheads interfered with the flange of the J-channel stiffener.

A bit of trimming later, the J-channel flange fit perfectly. Notice I also trimmed the aft end of both J-channel stiffeners since they were hanging over roughly 1/8 inch.

You may recall seeing a photo like this one about a week ago. Well it was time to trim this puppy up!

A bit of work with the cutting disc and some files had the aft edge of the side rails aligning perfectly with the hole in the gusset.

I also noted in the instructions where this vertical bulkhead was to be permanently riveted to the top of the F-706 bulkhead. These rivets are flush on the front side.

Last item I planned to work on was fitting the bellcrank, but I could only locate one of the F-635C spacers I had previously made. The other one is MIA. I'll probably just make another one. It'll only take a few miuntes and I've got a bunch of stuff to prime anyway.