Sun Jul 12 2009

Priming fuselage parts

Kody was over today and helped me clean and prime some parts. Well, okay he didn't actually help a lot, but he hung out and chatted while I cleaned and primed parts. It was nice to have the company. I mixed up too much primer so I went back down to find some additional stuff to prime and ended up priming some of the seat back components.

After dropping Kody back off at home, I installed these gussets on the F-707 bulkhead.

I noticed that the holes at the center joint of the F-706 bulkhead needed dimpled, so I unclecoed that puppy and...

...presto! All ready for AN426's.

I was going to rivet this little bracket on, but I realized that I had drilled it incorrectly. The bracket is supposed to go on the right side of the center rib, but when I had drilled it, I had it clamped to the left side. Ahhh, so that's why the holes in the aft flange of the bracket ended up so close to the vertex. No worries...I actually found a duplicate of this bracket which I had cut many months ago. I'll just drill and prime a new one.