Sun Aug 2 2009

Priming and installing F-708 bulkhead shims

Today the weather was good enough for me to finish making up these shims and get 'em primed.

While they were drying, I marked a line lengthwise along each side of the forward floor center tunnel cover. The line is 9/16 inch from the edge of the flange and will be used to align the cover with the top of the floor stiffener angles so that the radius of the angles doesn't push the cover flanges inward.

A mark at each end, then clamp the scale along the edge gave me a nice edge to mark along with a sharpie.

After the primer was dry, I climbed in the fuselage and shoved the shims into position. The skin seems much tighter now. The proof will be when it's riveted back down. Hopefully that goes smoothly. I've had trouble in the past with re-riveting in locations which I've drilled out. Time will tell.