Wed Aug 5 2009

Riveting top skins and arm rests

This evening, two fellow EAA9 builders John Bowen and Aaron May came over to help me drive the rest of the rivets in the tailcone. Aaron captured this pic of John driving while I bucked inside the tail cone. John had already done some riveting since he's partially done on the empennage of his RV-9A.

Once the left side was done and the aft top skin was re-riveted to the F-708 bulkhead, Aaron took over riveting along the longeron on the right side. Since he's just starting his RV-10 empacone, he's pretty new to riveting, but after we did a few practice rivets he quickly got the hang of it in spite of the fact that I forgot to turn the compressor back on. We were down to 25 psi at one point (instead of the normal 40psi) and he was having a heck of a time. Sorry Aaron! :-)

After finishing up the tailcone, we had a little bit of time left before it got too late, so we riveted on the arm rests. Here's John getting ready to drive while I'm bucking.

The work came out great. I'm really happy with the finish on the rivets. Thanks again, John and Aaron! You guys are gonna have to call me so I can return the favor on your projects.

The best part is that the rework on the F-708 bulkhead came out great. There's essentially no recessed areas at any of the rivets. Compare that to... it looked before. I think it's much better. :-)