Sat Aug 8 2009

Drilling and dimpling for static ports

Today I realized that I was supposed to rivet somewhat further forward along the side of the fuselage. I went ahead and shot / bucked these solo. They went really well. In retrospect I could've used the squeezer, but I was happy with the results.

Now the rivets go all the way forward to the point where the forward top skin rivets on.

Next I decided to drill and dimple for the SafeAir static ports. I like the heavy duty NPT fitting on these ports rather than the pop rivet version from Vans. The measurements on the plans don't accomodate for the large flange on the SafeAir ports, so I made a slight adjustment.

I moved the ports 7/16 inch further forward to avoid an interference with the bulkhead flange.

After drilling a 1/4 inch hole in the side for the main part of the static port to stick through, I used my four NIB magnets (thanks, Chris!) to hold the port to the skin so I could match drill the skin and the port together.

After drilling, I used my deburring bit to countersink the ports (suicide mode, as it were).