Sun Aug 9 2009

Forward floor center tunnel cover

Today I started the modifications to accomodate the high pressure electric fuel pump. The first thing to do is hack off about 10 inches at the aft end of the tunnel cover.

The plans don't have you do this, but I decided to clamp the fuel pump cover and base plate in position so that I could mark the front edge of the fuel pump cover on the tunnel cover...

...and make this little flange.

Here I've got the flange clamped for bending. I'm using a scrap piece of 1/16 x 3/4 angle which has the vertex radiused to 1/8 inch.

That makes for a nice, even bend radius.

Now, the flange matches up perfectly with the front face of the fuel pump cover.

Note the two black clecos which are where I will screw the fuel pump cover to the custom flange on the tunnel cover.

Kerin got home from visiting with family in Dayton and was nice enough to help me dimple the rivet holes for the static ports. We used the male dimple die in the rivet gun (set to ~15 psi) while I was inside with the female dimple die being backed up by a big chunk of steel.

A bit later, Kody and I worked on the forward elevator pushrod. We got the ends marked and drilled (no picture...sorry) for six rivets.