Mon Aug 24 2009

Dog platform

After work, I went out to the shop some this evening to do some more work on the dog platform. This is one of two extra corregated pieces I had purchased from Vans. It's the same as the piece which gets screwed to the F-706 bulkhead. Yesterday I took both sheets to Clare Lutton's place and used EAA9's shear to trim the forward and aft edges. We have a 48" Niagara foot pedal did an awesome job.

After roughly marking the curve of the side of the fuselage, I used my die grinder to trim the sheet off. Man, I love this right angle die grinder. It's effortless to make cuts like this. Easy to control, too.

What followed was several iterations of fitting and sanding to get the contour fairly close to the skin. I'll have to trim the corregations away at the outboard edge so that the flat portions of this panel will lay flat atop the longeron flange.