Fri Aug 28 2009

Riveting Aaron May's RV-10 vertical stabilizer

This evening I went over to Aaron May's house to work on his RV-10. Aaron is an experienced airplane builder, but built a glass airplane before, so he's not yet gotten fully comfortable working with metal. You may recall he came over a week or so ago to help rivet the fuselage. Anyway, we squeezed a bunch of rivets on his VS spars, then riveted the skin on. His wife, Ashley, came out to watch after a while. She seemed interested in the process, so we put her to work on the rivet gun. She did a great job. I'm pretty sure Aaron is gonna have a live-in helper from now on. :-)

Here's the happy couple with their first airplane part. It came out great without a single smiley. The rivets around the perimeter still need installed, but that'll be easy to do with the squeezer.