Sat Aug 29 2009

John Furey annual fly-in

Today I went flying with Tom Webster over to John Furey's annual fly-in. John has a nice grass strip where he flys his RV-6A. He's been doing the fly-in for a number of years, but this year was the first year I had the opportunity to go. Tom and I met Dan at DLZ then headed out from there. Dan's RV-4 is light and fast, but we were able to keep up OK. Here's a picture of Dan on the way over.

We had a nice tailwind on the way over, so our ground speed was looking pretty sweet.

After we arrived, a number of other RVs showed up. Here is a three-ship formation pass by Bill (lead), Steve and Michelle (left), and Gary (right).

Rick made a couple nice show passes in his multiple award winning F1 Rocket.

An old high school friend of mine, Duane, and his wife, Bonnie managed to stop over for a visit. I hadn't seen them since my brother's wedding, so it was nice to visit for a bit.

Here's Rick in front of his beautiful Rocket. Tom and I talked about going over to PKB to visit his shop for a bit next month.

I also captured a few video snippets of some of the planes: