Sat Sep 12 2009

MERFI 2009

Today I drove over to Urbana, OH for the MERFI fly-in. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. This plane was getting ready to take off when I arrived (T-28?).

After milling about for a bit, some of the Ohio Valley RVators met in the hanger to grab a bite to eat. On the left hand side of the table from nearest to farthest is Tom (RV-7A flying), Bob (RV-10 fuselage), Dan (RV-4 flying), Rick (F1 Rocket flying), Larry (RV-7A flying). On the right side of the table is me, Jack and Jim (RV-10 flying), a nice guy whom I can't remember his name, Bob (RV-4 iirc flying), and Bernie (RV-7A flying).

After lunch, Bob, Damon, Dan, and I went to peruse the planes. I didn't stick with these guys long though, because I bumped into...

Jeff Beachy and his friend, Mike. Jeff flew in in his Zenith 701.

Jeff Conner and his passenger were just firing up to leave as I was walking through the planes so I snapped a photo. I don't really know Jeff, but his -7A is beautiful. Hopefully next time we meet we'll have a chance to talk a bit.

I thought this was a really snappy way of retaining the cowling pin on this Rocket.

Here's Bob Leffler and Tom Webster standing next to Glen's beautiful red RV-8.

Tom, Clare, Bob, and I walked down the row to look at Clare's Rans S-6. He really got a sweet deal on this plane and it looks like a lot of fun. Clare flew over from Marysville.

A short while later, Larry and his passenger (sorry can't remember his name) were heading out so I got a shot of them before they closed up the canopy.

Bernie departed shortly thereafter...

...along with someone he apparently knew as they flew out as a flight of two (shown in this video). It was nice to see the smoke again, Bernie!

Bob mentioned this RV-10 was from over in the Parkersburg area.

Although I don't know him, I snapped a picture of Zach in his RV-8. Crappy picture though...I got the canopy frame in front of his face...sorry Zach.

I believe I may have met Glen before (Tom definitely knows him), but here he is just before departing with Zach as a flight of two. Cool.