Sun Sep 27 2009

Fabricating dog platform retaining clips

Today I made an attempt to fabricate the joggle clips that will rivet to the edges of the dog platform and clip around the flange of the longeron to retain the platform. This piece of scrap was bent with seaming pliers. At first glance it doesn't look too bad...

But you can see that the joggle doesn't have enough offset, and worse than that it's not uniform across it's width. I decided seaming pliers just aren't going to cut it. I ran over to Ace Hardware and picked up some bolts, some spacers, and a bunch of washers. Essentially I'm attempting to build a mini roll former. You can see that I've polished the edges of the three washers on the left.

Here's a the roll former. Although it does indeed crease the aluminum, the bend is far too sharp, it's too far from the edge, it's not a uniform distance from the edge, and it's also very difficult to push/pull the sheet through the washers. This isn't gonna work. :-(