Wed Oct 28 2009

New brake!

Well, Monday night I drove over to Dayton after work to go pick up the new (to me) Di-Acro brake I bought on eBay. Somehow I managed to get a great deal (the bid topped out at $127) and it even came with extra fingers. When I got home on Monday, my head was pounding from work, so all I did was wrangle the thing out of the trunk into the garage. Tonight, Kerin helped me move it from the garage down the basement. Man, this puppy is heavy. It was just about all Kerin and I could manage to get the thing down the stairs. I'm glad it's just a 12" model. I can't imagine how heavy a 24" version would be.

For comparison, this one is the crappy Harbor Freight brake I got a while ago. I'm gonna have to find a new home for this POS.