Wed Nov 4 2009

Dog platform supports

After temporarily installing the center support and clamping the lower/forward support and doubler angle to the vertical rib...

...I got the parts drilled and clecoed in position. I may add a few extra rivets in the bottom support. Probably doesn't need them, but it'll match the upper/aft support I suppose.

Here's a closer view to show how the center support is located by the lower/forward support and the upper/aft support.

I'm really happy with the fit of those supports. You can see that with the forward end of the center support unclamped, it "hovers" 1/8 inch above the top of the F-705 bulkhead. That's perfect because there will eventually be a 1/8 inch doubler under the center support at this location.

With the center support clecoed in for the first time, I couldn't resist popping a few clecos in and installing the platform halves. Looks good!

Here's a closer view. I can see that the cap strips near the center of the fuselage aren't drilled exactly the same. Ah, well it's good enough.

In other news, I talked to Sue (from Aerosport Power) last night. They're going to be sending the pushrod tubes for polishing and anodizing and the intake tubes for polishing only. I also need to make the color selection for the engine. They use PPG Deltron Concept paint, so I need to find a local auto body supply place that has paint chips for this series of paint.