Sat Nov 7 2009

Ohio Valley RVators birthday party

Today, Tom and I flew over in his awesome RV-7A to New Philadelphia (PHD) to visit with a bunch of other RVators and celebrate the founding of the Ohio Valley RVators yahoo group. Geoff Combs was there in his brand, spankin' new RV-10. This thing is gorgeous. He did the paint himself and it's flawless. I really like the scheme, too.

The interior of Geoff's plane really shows the level of detail he's put into this piece of art. He's still working through some of the avionics and has only 5 hours on the plane so far, so I'm sure that hole on the right will be filled with some cool widget pretty soon.

Check out the embellishment of his cowl hinge pin covers. Very nice attention to detail.

Bob, Tom, and Dan posed for a photo op in front of Dan's RV-4...

...Tom's RV-7A...

...and Bob's RV-4.

There was a cake to celebrate the founding of the Yahoo group. Funny, thing is that they put a twin engine plane onf the front. The cake tasted great nonetheless.

Rick and Sandy posed for a photo. Rick's teeth seemed to need some work. Sandy was sporting her Penn State colors. Unfortunately the enthusiasm didn't pay off. Ohio State soundly trounced Penn State 24-7 later that day. Sorry, Sandy. ;-P

While most folks were in eating lunch, Rick was outside decorating Popeye's RV-8.

It looks like a tuft-testing experiment gone horribly wrong. :-)

Rick was so proud and showed his not-so-pearly-whites.

Popeye, on the other hand, did not look so happy. He wasn't really mad...just a little chagrined.

During the gag awards section of the festivities, Popeye got blasted with silly string. I think green is his color, don't you?

...and Rick received his "Rocket Man" cape and goggles officially qualifying him for "goofy super-hero" status. :-)

After lunch, there was more chatting on the ramp.

Sandy and Gary got ready to jump in their respective aircraft and head home.

Dave fired up his Panzl and taxied out.

...I don't know how the heck he see's what's in front of him.

Steve and Michelle Glaeser fired up their RV-7A to head out.

Byron and Mark departed in their Cirrus (we made the non-RV aircraft park in the back). Just kidding!

Gary (Shiner) taxied out in his polished RV-6.

...followed shortly by Steve and Michelle...

...and Jeff and Sandy.

Rick left shortly thereafter in his F1 Rocket (fast!).

...and Paul Lutz in his RV-6. I heard Paul is also building a Thatcher CX-4 just like Tom. Cool.

I also captured a few video snippets of some of the planes: