Sat Nov 28 2009

Polishing intake pipes

I had received these intake pipes and pushrod tubes from Aerosport Power a while ago. They sent them to me so I could polish the intake pipes and polish and anodize the pushrod tubes. I've been looking for some way to make the polishing easier, but nothing has panned out and I need to get these back to Aerosport, so today I decided to just bite the bullet and get to work.

Since the firewall polishing saga, I was well aware of the tremendous mess this was going to make, so I decided to construct a polishing booth of sorts. It's just a visqueen drape around one small section of my workbench, but it should help keep the dust confined.

It took about three hours to get the first intake tube polished (shown on the left). It's certainly not perfect, but definitely looks better than the stock finish (on right). After taking this photo, I spent another three hours and got a second one polished. My feet, arm, hand, and neck are aching. Only six more hours tomorrow and I'll have the intake pipes done.

In other news, I ordered the Caswell anodizing kit. I had some samples anodized at our plating supplier, but I wasn't keen on their particular shade of red. On top of that, they're not very responsive since they're mostly setup for doing industrial work. I don't think they do much anodizing for individuals. I'm looking forward to receiving the plating kit. Hopefully this week I'll be able to construct a roll around cart for the anodizing rig.