Sat Jan 9 2010

Anodizing rig

My dad was in town over the holiday and we built this cart for the home anodizing rig. I'm going to use it to anodize the baffling and other parts.

Here's the 20 gallons of distilled water from Kroger that are going in the buckets.

I had this power supply in storage for a while. I actually bought it at the annual Dayton Hamvention for this very purpose. It's got two outputs that are 12V at 10A and one output 5V at 150A. I'll be using the 12V outputs, but need to build a constant current control circuit. My brother, Chris, has been helping me with the circuit design and it's overall pretty simple. I'll post a schematic once everything's working.

I spent a few hours making these parts. What are they for, you ask?

They form this box which will be a reservoir for cooling water for the constant current control circuit. See, the circuit I'm using is a very simple design that will just dump excess power through the FETs. After some discussions with Chris, we figured using a water reservoir would work well for cooling the FETs since the water will just boil away. Simple.