Sun Jan 24 2010

First anodizing test...success!

Although I didn't get any photos during the week, I actually did do some work on the wiring of the anodizing current control circuit. Today I managed to get it all put together and do a test on a piece of scrap. I'm not sure the current control circuit is working quite right, so I'll have to do some more testing. Also, I found that some of the baths heat up too slowly. It took probably four or five hours to get the sealant bath up to a boil.

Here's the part! It came out great considering I didn't even do any of the normally required prep work (cleaning and desmut). The color is eactly what I was hoping for...a nice burgundy red. This is going to look soooo nice. Now I need to take it over to the paint shop so they can do a color match on it and send the color info to Aerosport Power. I'll try to get that done tomorrow.