Sun Jan 31 2010

Anodizing intake pipe flanges

Well, Here are the intake pipes for the engine. I had been debating whether to anodize the aluminum fittings. Sure, they'd look nice, but it's going to be kind of a risky bit of work since the aluminum fittings don't come off the tubes, yet I've got to prevent the acid from contacting the stainless steel tubes. In the end laziness finally won out and I decided to anodize them now so that I don't have to continually polish them once on the plane.

After making a jig to hold two of the tubes, covering tube (but not the flanges) with saran wrap, and going through the anodizing process, this is how the first one turned out. I'm very happy with it. Apparently some of the solutions did come in contact with the stainless, so I'm going to have to do a small bit of polishing touch up on the tube. No problem.

The second fitting didn't come out well. Apparently the saran wrap had a small hole in it somewhere that allowed the end of the intake tube to fill with acid water. Then when I transferred the tube to the dye tank, the acid water seeped out and messed up the coloration on this piece. I'm going to have to do this fitting over again.