Mon Feb 1 2010

Anodizing intake pipe flanges

Today I mixed up a small batch of anodize stripper. Man, this stuff is aggressive. I tested it out on one of my wire hooks and you could literally see it disolving away the anodize coating. It did a great job on removing the anodizing from the fitting, but it also turned the fitting a dark grey oxide color. No matter...a few seconds in the deox tank had the bare aluminum color showing.

I spent the evening anodizing two more of the flanges on the intake tubes. Neither one was as perfect as the first flange, but they were both passable. The imperfections are on the bottom surface of the flanges, so they won't be too noticeable. The bolts will cover some of the lighter areas up too. The good news is that the double layer of saran wrap completely eliminated the leaking into the tube. I still need to do a bit of touch up polishing on these before they're ready to ship back to Aerosport Power.

I also took a few minutes to re-polish the aluminum fitting on the one intake pipe from yesterday that didn't come out well. I'll try to get this one plated tomorrow.