Sat Feb 6 2010

Dog platform supports

Well I've been thinking of how to prevent the center support from rubbing against the vertical stiffener at the F-706 bulkhead and decided that a layer of UHMW tape would do the trick. This is only .010 thick, so there will still be some extra room to allow the bar to be easily installed and removed. In order to prevent catching the edge of the tape and peeling it up, I relieved the edges of the shims so the edge of the tape will be trapped under the thicker support pieces.

Then I just clecoed the shims in position trapping a piece of tape underneath and traced around the shims. These are the cut lines.

Being concerned about catching the leading edge of the tape made me decide to wrap the tape around the front edge of the support. However, since it's just a short surface, I'm concerned that it'll become un-stuck. In order to prevent that from happening I'm going to wrap it around the back side of the flange and trap the layer of tape between the vertical support and the stiffener. In order to allow clearance for the .010 thick tape, I need to thin the flange thickness by .010. If I was still working at ATS I'd just go use one of their milling machines. However I managed to figure out how to do this with my router and a 1/4 inch diameter router bit.

After a little touchup filing, I think it came out quite well.