Fri Feb 12 2010

Fabricating latching mechanism

First thing today was to bend up a little base plate. I put a flange on each side to stiffen up the mechanism.

The latch works great, but I noticed that the roll pin easily flips to one side or the other. I figured this would be a pain in the rear searching for the pin...especially if it was dark and/or cold weather, so I decided to make an anti-rotate plate. The roll pin is about .130 diameter, so I made this slot 19/64 wide. That'll allow about .007 clearance on each side which should be adequate to prevent binding.

Here's the latch with the anti-rotate plate in place. I also added a few washers so the spring would have better support and not dig into the aluminum.

Next was to make the slot in the base plate. This is where the tab from the dog platform center support will stick through. The Unibit made quick work of creating a couple 3/8 inch diameter holes...

...and some filing cleaned out the center area.

I also decided to put a few more rivets in these parts. The ones near the center of the angle pieces (without clecos) will allow me to rivet this little assembly together then install it as a single unit into the plane. Otherwise, I'd have to be wrestling with a bunch of loose pieces while doing the final installation.