Thu Feb 25 2010

Canopy frame

Well I spent most of this week doing job hunting, so haven't worked on the plane much. However, today I got back to work on the canopy frame. Since the edge of my table isn't exactly straight, I clamped a piece of extrusion to the table top so I could get the height of the canopy frame exactly right. Also, notice the blocks on either side of the canopy frame to control the width.

With the curved F-631A pieces in the correct position, I needed to locate the F-631E splice plate. I was just about to center it in the top to bottom direction...

...when I noticed this cross section. Because of where the F-732D angle is located and assuming the holes in that angle are centered on the flange, the F-631E plates need to be slid down a little bit. I forget the exact measurement, but you can figure it out from the plans. Actually I suppose only the plate in the aft half of the canopy frame needed slid down, but I positioned the splice plates the same in both halves of the canopy frame. It looks like that's what was shown in the plans anyway.

Here they are drilled to #40. The holes will need to be opened up to #30 eventually, but I'll do that after mating the two halves together with the splice strips.