Thu Mar 11 2010

Prop and staic line routing

Well after spending a week and a half in California and Nevada visiting family, then prepping and going through a couple of job interviews I'm back to working on the project. I got a big package from UPS today. Let's see what's inside.

PCU5000X Prop governor. Schweet! This is the smallest, lightest prop governor around, yet still puts out 1/3 more PSI than the competition.

Hrm...this looks interesting...let's get it out of the box...

They did a great job of packing this up to protect it from damage.

Once fully unpacked, we can see that it's a Whirlwind 200RV composite prop! I had ordered this last spring during the VAF group buy. The group buy saved me ~$700 off the original price.

One of the fellows on VAF had a problem with the finishing (or lack thereof) of the nickel leading edge, but these are pristine. No issue here!

Apparently the hub is made by McCauley.

Here's what came in the box for the governor. Nice unit.

The Whirlwind 200RV also comes with a spinner. I'm going to have to return the spinner that came from Vans in the finish kit.

Once the unpacking was done, I decided to work on the static line routing. I've been agonizing over what's the best way to route this to the panel and finally decided to run it along one of the J-channel stiffeners along the top. I found a photo on VAF where another builder just ziptied the tubing the a bulkhead and I thought that would work well for the J-channel, so I made up this little drilling template so I could drill the holes for the zipties in the correct location. It's 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch with a #40 hole drilled at the center.

Here's how it works...position it in the trough of the J-channel and drill through the hole.

Enlarging the hole to #19 makes enough room for...

...a zip tie! This looks great...on to the real thing.

I drilled these holes along the edge of the F-708 bulkhead for routing the static lines. The little drilling template worked well here, too.

To pass through the F-707 bulkhead I drilled a 7/16 hole and popped in a snap bushing. It looked good, until I realized that I didn't need a hole at all. There's enough clearance for the J-channel to allow the tube to pass through the bulkhead in the trough of the J-channel. Oh well...I guess it's an extra lightening hole.

The little drilling template did a good job of locating the drill bit to position these ziptie holes. I drilled one every six inches.

Here's the static line installed back at the F-708 bulkhead. The static lines run uphill from the static ports all the way to the F-706 bulkhead. Hopefully that'll prevent any water from getting trapped in the lines. The only thing I dislike about this installation is there is a potential for chafing the line right where it exits the aft end of the J-channel. Maybe I'll wrap it with tape or something to prevent it from chafing there.

If you have the SafeAir1 static kit also, you may ask why I used the green tubing for the static lines when their instructions say to use the green tubing for the pitot line. The answer is I'm following the color code put forth in AC 43.13. I figure that's the definitive reference, so go with it.