Mon Mar 15 2010

Relief tube location investigation

Although I didn't get any work done on the plane today (spent it job hunting), I did put some thought into the proper location for a relief tube passage down to the wheel pant. The tube will need to fit under the gear leg intersection fairing and run down the gear to exit at the aft edge of the wheel pant, so getting the location right is pretty important. I talked to my friend, Tom Webster, about the intersection fairings and he was nice enough to let me take some photos of his intersection fairing. Here's the underside. Note where the leading screw is...that'll give a point of reference when we look inside.

Here's the intersection fairing from the front / top. Nicely fit.

Leaning over the edge of the cockpit and pulling the carpet back to take a photo of the gear weldment shows the location of the nutplate. This should be enough info to figure out a location for the tube. Thanks, Tom!