Mon Mar 22 2010

Miscellaneous fuselage work

First task for today was to install the two rivets that connect the upper forward turtledeck rib to the F-707 bulkhead. Shot and bucked these two solo. Came out well.

After wiping out all the aluminum shavings from the floor area, my Dad peeled all the blue tape off. It didn't want to peel very well and required the hairdryer to warm the tape and some Goo Gone to remove the residue afterward, but the result looks great.

While he was doing that, I spent several hours in the tailcone peeling tape. This went much better than the forward floor (wonder why?), and only left sticky residue in a few places. I still need to go back in and clean those few places.

My friend, Jim, was nice enough to modify this piece of bar stock to allow me to buck a couple rivets in a tight spot.

Here's the bar in action. The rivet we're bucking here attaches the lower end of the F-??? bulkhead (forward of the F-704 spar) to the lower longeron. My dad held the bucking bar in position while I used a 12 inch single offset universal set on the gun. To assist positioning the bucking bar, we clamped a couple scraps of oak on either side so the bar couldn't wander from side to side while riveting.

Here's another view which does a better job of showing the arrangement. Worked out very nicely. No smileys.

Next, I found the elevator bellcrank and installed it.

After releveling the fuselage, my dad helped get the horizontal stabilizer down from storage and clamp it in position on the aft deck. Looks cool! I'll try to get it positioned and drilled tomorrow.