Fri Mar 26 2010

Disassembling horizontal stabilizer

Why is the horizontal stabilizer back down on the workbench you ask? It's because it's about to come apart. I've been very frustrated with the angled hole situation and finally came to the realization that angled washers aren't going to make me happy, so last night I ordered all the parts necessary to fix the problem correctly. Besides fixing the angled holes, there are a number of little issues I can resolve on both the fuselage and the horizontal stabilizer like...

...this slight flare of the skin at the rear spar of the HS.

...or the fact that I put these rivets in the wrong way originally (convention says that the shop head should be on the thicker material).

...not to mention the primer wasn't applied thick enough on the skeleton pieces.

...and some of the dimples in the skins aren't as crisp as they could be.

So I just got down to the job of drilling it all apart. Here's half of one skin drilled out.

I came up with a quick way of removing the shop heads from the skeleton structure. The pneumatic squeezer makes quick work out of this otherwise difficult task.

After about six hours, both skins were off.

About two hours later all of the skeleton had been drilled apart.

All told I drilled out somewhere around 500 rivets today. My hand and shoulder are tired.