Sat Mar 27 2010

Removing aft deck and horizontal stabilizer attachment structure

Today I continued the de-construction to fix the drilling fiasco. First task was to apply tape in the last bay of the tailcone to keep control of the shavings.

After drilling out the rivets which attach the aft deck to the F-709 bulkhead, I drilled out all the rivets attaching the aft deck to the longerons and cross angles.

Presto! No more aft deck.

Next step was to remove the aft-most bulkhead (F-712).

I was pleased to see that with the aft deck removed, there is no longer any twist.

With the aft-most bulkhead removed and the side skins drilled out back to the F-711 bulkhead, the access was pretty good for removing the bars from the F-711 bulkhead.

Lastly, the top angle was removed from the F-710 bulkhead. All in all the process went pretty well. Only a few holes were enlarged and I didn't do any significant damage to any of the "keeper" parts. I hope my replacement parts arrive from Van's soon. I'd like to get everything ready for reinstallation towards the end of next week. The weather is supposed to be good from Wednesday onward, so I should be able to prime all that stuff. I'm going to have to get one of my friends over to help rivet this stuff back together.