Tue Apr 6 2010

Engine arrives

My engine arrived from Aero Sport Power today. Well actually my neighbor, Ken, was nice enough to drive me down to south Columbus and pick it up at the freight depot. Once arriving back at the house, three other neighbors (John, Phil, and Brent) helped me unload it onto a little roll-around cart I made earlier today. It was quite a handful for the four of us to slide it out of the truck and lower it down, but it went fine. Thanks guys! The crate was punctured near one corner (just below the sticker), but no harm was done.

Looks sweet after peeling the plastic off. I'll re-wrap it in a bit, but I had to check it out. I found it interesting that even though the paint is pretty much a perfect match for the color of the anodized pushrod tubes, the tubes look significantly lighter in color when you look at them perpendicular to the surface compared to looking at an angle. Notice how the tubes in the foreground look more red, whereas the tubes in the background match the burgundy of the engine case. Weird.

One slick mag on the left and one Lightspeed Plasma II electronic ignition on the right.