Thu Apr 8 2010

Reworking horizontal stabilizer attachment

Today I fabricated these replacement bars for attaching the rear spar of the horizontal stabilizer to the fuselage. I used one of the old bars as a template to drill the holes. Worked great.

Next, I fabricated a new 1 x 1 x 1 1/8 angle for the F-711 bulkhead and match drilled it for the AN3 bolts that go through the longerons. You can see that I also created a drill guide...well more of a drill refernce really. I just place this piece of angle near the hole I'm drilling and it becomes very easy to ensure I'm drilling square to the surface.

When I transferred the holes from the F-711 bulkhead into the angle, some of the holes became oval shaped. I should have used the old angle to transfer the holes instead. Sigh. To compensate for the elongated holes, I added holes in between. Probably not really necessary, but it won't hurt anything.

Last item for today was to fabricate this spacer plate that will be sandwiched between the F-711 angle and the aft deck.