Fri Apr 9 2010

Horizontal stabilizer rear spar

It sure seems odd to be working on the horizontal stabilizer, but this is the situation I'm in. Oh well. Not sure if I mentioned it, but in my first order of replacement parts from Van's, I ordered the non prepunched spars by mistake. Well, I placed a second order for the prepunched spars and that shipment came today. Only problem was I accidentally only ordered one of them. Ack! Ah well, no big deal. I just used the single prepunched spar and match drilled one of the non-prepunched ones effectively making it also a prepunched spar. The flanges were drilled first...

...then the web.

The spar bars needed some chamfering so they would rest flush in the bend radius.

Much better.

Well, after more match drilling, the rear spar is ready to be deburred and dimpled.