Thu Apr 15 2010

Fabricating and fitting aft deck

Today was a very full day of RV building. First task was to finish the fabrication of the replacement aft deck. Here you can see it's all done except for the rivet holes.

After much twisting, leveling, clamping, and drilling the I managed to get the aft deck drilled so the twist is out of the fuselage. In spite of my best attempts to back drill through the longerons, my poor angle drill technique was just going to screw up the rivet holes in the longerons, so I decided to use the old aft deck as a template to drill the holes in the new one. Wouldn't that make the two the same you ask? Well, no, because I drilled each side separately. The clecos go in well, so I believe it'll rivet together just fine.

Last task for today was to prime all the replacement parts as well as put a heavier coat of primer on the horizontal stabilizer skeleton parts. The primer thickness looks much better now. Hopefully my friend, Scott, got approval from the boss to come help reassemble some of this stuff this weekend.