Sat May 15 2010

Prop balancing weekend

This morning EAA Vintage Chapter 27 had their monthly (during summer months) pancake breakfast. Kerin and I went along with Kerin's folks. My buddy, Scott, and his two boys, Isaac and Luke showed up in his very non-spam like Cessna 140. I snapped a photo of his departure.

Afterwards, I walked over to Tom Webster's hanger. Tom was hosting a prop balancing weekend for a bunch of RV guys. Here's Tom Ervin taxiing out after getting his prop balanced. Everyone that had the procedure done indicated quite a bit of improvement.

If you need your prop balanced, just give this guy a call. Bobby Hester. Really nice guy, too.

After going to lunch with some of the folks getting their props balanced, Joe Strausbaugh (RV-7 builder and flyer) was nice enough to loan me his 120 degree countersink. I needed one of these since the pop rivets in the canopy frame are CS4-4 rivets which have a 120 degree head rather than the 100 degree that the AN rivets have.

Since nearly all the holes are on a curve, I knew the countersink cage would require constant adjusting to get the depth right, so I elected to just remove the shaft from one of my microstop countersinks and control the depth by hand.

After trying to countersink a couple of holes in one of the curved sections and getting poor results, I made a couple of test countersinks in this piece of scrap. The countersink didn't seem to want to cut the aluminum and left a pronounced ridge around the edge. When I examined Joe's countersink under a loupe, it appeared quite dull. I decided to hold off on the countersinking and buy a new one.