Sat May 29 2010

Canopy frame work

Today I got to work fitting the lower brackets to the ends of the canopy frame. First task was to locate the inboard and outboard brackets relative to each other. I drilled #40 temporarily until I could verify the fit was correct.

Per the plans / instructions, the outboard lower ends of the canopy frame need notched out to clear the radius and lower flange of the 3/16 thick bracket. I decided to make the notch 1/2 inch deep at the deepest and just matched the angle to that of the brackets.

The corners of the notch were drilled with a 1/4 inch bit...

...then a cutting disc and some filing smoothed the edges of the notch.

The inboard bracket gets two AN3 bolts. With the bracket sub-assembly in position, I marked the location of the holes...

...and drilled up to #12.

The holes through the outboard bracket were done in a similar fashion, but the position was marked on the bracket first, then transferred through to the canopy frame. Also notice that these holes get countersunk. Last thing to notice is that at this point I was happy with the spacing of the outboard and inboard brackets, so I countersunk the bottom surface of the 1/8 inch bracket and riveted the two together with AN426 rivets. Last task was to drill the pilot holes for the AN4 bolts which will attach these brackets to the F-705 bulkhead.

...the same process was applied to the brackets on the other side of the canopy frame.