Tue Jun 1 2010

Modifying elevator trim knob

Today I decided to go ahead and modify the elevator trim knob per the instructions. This is basically a vernier control with a pushbutton in the middle to disengage the vernier and make large adjustments. Since making large trim adjustments is very ill-advised, Vans has you yank off the rubber button on the end and remove the push pin in the center, thus disabling the button function. Sounds easy enough, but as it turned out, the rubber button was attached with some tenacious adhesive. This is about as good as I could get it with needle nosed pliers and an exacto knife.

I decided to grind out the plastic tabs in the center with a carbide burr in my die grinder. I stuffed the center hole with a bit of paper towel to prevent plastic debris from getting down in the mechanism.

It went great and somehow I managed to avoid scarring up the face of the knob. I also talked to Shane, a machinist friend of mine about engraving a cover plate that'll indicate proper trim operation.