Thu Jun 3 2010

Canopy frame support cover

The router-shear concept worked so well on yesterday's panel that I decided to use the same technique to fabricate the necessary components for the canopy frame support cover. Here I've got a piece of scrap clamped down ready for trimming.

After several cutting operations, the cover itself and the retainer strips along the sides were cut to size and deburred. I decided to go with five flush head screws along either side. Since the flanges of the canopy frame support channel are quite narrow (only about 5/16 flat area), the cover won't actually be screwed to the canopy frame support channel. That's not enough for the dimple that goes with a #8 K1100 nutplate. Instead, those flanges will just get trapped between the cover and the side strips.

Here's the cover after seaming with the Cleaveland edge-seaming tool and dimpling for #8 flush screws.

The edge strips were also seamed and will have K1100 nutlates installed.