Sat Jun 5 2010

Sub floor panel

Sure enough, Tom was nice enough to help me put the bends in this panel. They came out perfectly. Next step was to notch the front edge to clear the heavy duty gusset where the center motor mount bolts attach to the fuselage.

After temporarily reinstalling the center cover and taking some careful measurements to verify how high it is, I cut some spacer blocks to assist with fitting the sub floor.

After about a kazillion trimming operations along the outboard edge, the panel is in. It fits well except that I don't have a good way of attaching the outboard edge to the lower longeron. See, that longeron isn't parallel with the floor. It's actually higher in the front than at the rear. The result is that the panel goes under the longeron at the front, but at the back, there's somethign like 5/16 space between the panel and the longeron. I'm going to have to figure a method of attaching the panel to this longeron.