Thu Jun 17 2010

Visit to Tom Thompson's

Today, I went back over to Tom Thompson's house to use his four foot brake. Tom had previously shown me the wings he was building for his custom designed aircraft, but I didnt' have the camera with me, so today I brought it and snapped a few pics. The root end is towards the camera. These wings are strong as heck...Tom designed them for 13 g's. They have 0.040 thick skins all over. They're also tapered. The spar at the root is probably 8 inches high, and tapers down to only 3 or 4 inches high at the tip. Very cool. The leading edges are wet tanks very much like Van's design. Tom machined his own fuel filler rings and caps with o-ring seals to prevent leakage.

Note the recess in the 2nd rib for the gear to retract. Tom showed me his landing gear. I don't have any photos, but the welding was awesome...all done with a gas welder.

After bending the aluminum strips, Tom showed me what he's been working on in the garage. This is one side of the SuperCub fuselage he's designed and is building. The design is partly derived from the original Cub drawings, but there are lots of changes and improvements. He tells me he's also planning on a somewhat different airfoil.