Fri Jun 18 2010

Floor panel and popup tipup mods

Here are all the aluminum strips I bent at Tom's yesterday along with the left side floor panel.

I trimmed the left side floor panel to match the right.

A few days ago, I had gone to Clares and bent the bottom flange on the additional ribs for the upper forward section of the fuselage. I decided to put lightening holes in them to match the existing ribs.

A bit of work with the circle cutter had the lightening holes cut out.

I wanted to bend the forward and aft flanges on these ribs, but I didn't think the remaining tooling I had would be long enough when all stacked up end to end.

You see...when I bought this brake, four of the toolign pieces had the tips ground to a radius. One of the welders at work welded a bead along the edges, but after filing the welds down, there wasn't quite enough weld to bring these back to a point. Tomorrow I believe Clare and Joe Maynard are going to be making some repairs to his Rans S-6, so maybe I can get these welded on as well as getting the little bellcranks welded up.