Sun Jun 20 2010

Popup tipup modifications

Well, Joe and Clare were too tied up with Clare's project to be able to work on the tooling, but I found that my remaining tooling was just long enough to bend the forward and aft flanges on these ribs. Sweet!

Next, it was time to cut out the four arms for the popup tipup modification. These are made of 1/8 x 1 1/2 2024-T4 Aluminum.

The UHMW I purchased from McMaster-Carr was 3/4 inch thick, but needed to be 5/8 inch thick, so I planed it down in my planer. The planer worked great on this stuff.

After planing to the correct thickness, I cut and deburred four pieces 2 inch x 3 inch. These will be sandwich and pivot blocks for the arms, above.

The tab on either side of the center sub-panel needed trimmed off to clear the new ribs.

I laid out and drilled another hole pattern matching the original one, but 1 3/4 inch inboard of the existing ribs. These holes will attach the forward flange of the new ribs to the firewall.

Next, I planed a couple blocks of wood to 1 3/4 thick. This will be the correct spacing between the original and new ribs.