Wed Jun 30 2010

Flying with Tom Webster

My friend, Tom, was nice enough to invite me to go flying with him to Carroll County (KTSO) for lunch today. After climbing out to the noise-abatement altitude, we made a quick circle over my neighborhood and I got a shot of our house.

It was a beautiful day for flying. Tom had the Koger sunshade pulled up so we didn't get baked under the canopy.

Here we're turning base for runway 21 at Carroll county.

...and final.

Another friend of ours, Dan Hempy, arrived a short while later in his RV-4. He made a great landing and could have turned off in just a few hundred feet if there had been a turnoff earlier.

Here he is on rollout.

Dan's plane is fast with his new Catto prop.

After lunch, the gang congregated on the ramp for a bit. From left to right are Tom, Sandy's (friend? significant other?), Sandy, Bill, Byron, Rick, ???, and ???. Sorry for all the ???'s, but I'm doing this update about two or three weeks after the fact and I'm bad with names.

While we were there, a Chinook was doing touch and goes.

This thing is big.

These fellows were first out.

Photo of takeoff.

...and climbout.

Byron departed in his Cirrus next. I believe he also built and owns an RV-7. Hey, you can't have too many airplanes, right?

Good looking airplane.

Kinda looks like an RV-10, but I think I like the taper of the tailcone better on the Cirrus.

Larry left in his RV-7.

On the way back, Tom and I climbed up to around 6,500. The air was cooler, but we had to dodge a few clouds before we got home. Another great day of flying. Thanks, Tom! Man, I can't wait until our RV is done.