Thu Jul 1 2010

Bending vent lines

Today I started by greasing the control column bushings with Lubriplate grease...

...and installing them along with bolts, nuts, and cotter pins.

After that, I worked on fabricating the fuel tank vent lines inside the cockpit. It took me three tries before I got one that fit correctly. I can see I'm going to need more tubing. This vent line routing is somewhat different from what the plans show. I saw this on someone's website, and thought it made a nicer installation since I don't have to do the squiggley bend to avoid the rudder cables.

Later in the evening, our chapter had a homebuilder's project visit to Joe Strausbaugh's RV-7 project. Joe took his first flight in April and is about halfway through his phase 1 testing.

Rich Meske (left), and Daryl Green (right) flew their RV-6A and RV-6, respectively, to the event.