Wed Jul 7 2010

Popup tipup modificatons

Today I got back to work on the popup tipup modifications. I decided I was ready to fabricate new popup arms, but wanted to ensur I didn't missdrill the aftmost holes again. I decided that I needed to drill the pivot point in the U bracket first, then after locating the arm in the correct position, transfer this hole through the U bracket into the arm. Since this U-bracket is a critical part of the tipup weldment, I decided to make a drill guide (on the left). I would drill the hole in this guide first, and assuming the position was OK, I would transfer it to the actual U bracket. Worked well.

While working on the U bracket, the UPS guy came and delivered my nutplate pop rivets. These are CCR264SS-3-2 (or -3-3) rivets for holding nutplates to structure. I'm going to need these for attaching the floor panel nutplates as well as some extra Adel clamp nutplates for the fuel vent lines.

After fabricating a new arm and clamping it in position, I match drilled through the U bracket hole into the arm. The pivot should be in exactly the right position now.