Sat Jul 17 2010

Flying with Tom Webster and Scott Thompson

Today was a beautiful day, filled not with airplane building, but flying with friends. Kerin and I started out by heading over to the EAA Vintage Chapter 27 monthly pancake breakfast at DLZ. Scott was going to join us for breakfast, but had to run an errand at the last minute, so he didn't arrive until after the breakfast was over. Several of us hung out and talked while Scott was enroute. Soon after, Dan departed with a nice high rate of climb. Gotta love that RV-4. Scott found some popcorn at the FBO to tide him over, and after some more chit-chat and a preflight of the RV-7A, we headed over to MRT to check out Craig Schneider's newly painted Rans S-19. Kerin flew with Tom (her first time in an RV...and only second time in a small airplane) and I flew with Scott.

It was a very short flight over to Marysville (maybe 10 minutes) and Scott let me do the flying. I handed him back control once we were in the pattern. Here's a video of our landing on runway 27L (OK, so it's not officially 27L, but the grass strip is to the left of the paved runway).

A few minutes later, George arrived in his new Cozy followed by Tom and Kerin in the RV-7A

When we got to Craig's hangar (he shares a hangar with Clare), we found Craig, Clare, Joe, and two other friends hard at work getting the left wing mated back up to the fuselage. They had gotten the right wing attached earlier in the day.

Tom joined in to help out, but once the main spar was started, the guys on the wingtip did most of the wiggling.

Joe (in the fuselage) and Craig (green shirt) would call out "wiggle up and down" or "side to side" all the while working to get the bolts in. It was a hot day and Joe didn't have much ventilation in the cockpit, so he was happy to get out in the air once the bolts were in. After that, several of us went over to Benny's for lunch. Service and food were both great.

After getting back from lunch, we jumped back in the planes and headed back to DLZ. Tom and Kerin pulled up beside Scott's Cessna 140. Since this was quite a bit slower than Tom normally flies, he put on partial flaps. Too funny. I snapped a few air-to-air shots of Tom's plane, but this was the only one that really came out well.

When Tom and Kerin pulled up to the hangar, Kerin gave her patented "stick the tongue out at the camera" pose. Love ya, babe. :-)

All in all, it was a great day. I had fun, and I believe Kerin had a good time, too; although she got a bit bored with all the hangar flying.