Wed Aug 4 2010

Fitting canopy frame

Well after getting back from Oshkosh and starting a contract job, it was time to get some work done on the plane. First task was to make some thinner spacer blocks for supporting the sides of the canopy frame weldment. I decided to make some little oak wedges so I could get the spacing just right...just took a few minutes.

Now the fit is a lot better along the sides...

...and also along the front edge of the canopy skin. No more big gap.

I decided to just study the fit of the canopy frame and skin for a bit. I found that near the center of the frame, the canopy skin angled slightly down from the forward fuselage skin.

Yet along the sides, the canopy skin angled up from the forward fuselage skin. I'm going to think on this a bit to determine if there's a way to improve the alignment of these skins before going any further.