Fri Aug 6 2010

Fabricating canopy/forward skin joint strip

After thinking on it a bit, I decided that there's nothing I can do to really improve the alignment of the canopy frame skin to the forward fuselage skin, so I decided to just keep moving ahead. Next step is to fabricate a joint strip which will lay beneath the transition line from the canopy skin to the forward fuselage skin. This will be a functional equivalent to the joint strip on the wing that lays below the transition from the tank skin to the outboard leading edge skin. I'm using the forward fuselage skin here for a tracing template. The aft edge of this skin isn't a straight line, so I'm using it to trace the shape of the curve.

Here you can see how the skin is slightly curved (about 1/8 inch) near the sides. I marked three lines...the forward and aft lines are cut lines, and the seam line guessed it...right where the seam will be. I sanded and filed to follow the "aft" line, but since the forward line is concave, I decided to order a better pair of snips so I didn't futz it up with my current snips. They leave teeth marks along the edge of the cut.