Sat Sep 11 2010

Fitting sub floors

Wow, I haven't been very productive recently. Three weeks since the last work on the plane. Gonna have to do something about that. Anyway, today the weather was good, and I was able to get some work done fitting the left sub floor panel to the fuselage. Here, I've got it drilled both to the center support as well as the lower longeron.

Brent had loaned me his nutplate jig, and since I need to get that back to him, I used it to drill the rivet holes for the nutplates in the lower longeron.

Previously, when countersinking these holes I had difficulty controlling the depth since there isn't room to fit the countersink cage. Not a big deal, really, since I want to over-countersink all these holes, but I decided to make a fixed countersink cage out of a piece of brass tubing.

Here's how it'll fit over the countersink to control the depth.

It worked great on the first hole I countersunk, but I managed to snap the pilot off on the second hole. Crap. This thing was nearly brand new, too. There goes $18 out the window. Since I seem to go through these rather quickly (this was like my 5th one), I ordered three more from Cleveland Tool.