Wed Sep 29 2010

Fabricating sub floor stiffeners

I worked in the shop for almost three hours tonight, but only was able to log about 45 minutes of actual building time. See, since it was time to shear some more strips which will be formed into floor stiffeners, I decided to get the back gauge setup. I had installed the threaded rods backwards originally, but that would have only taken a few minutes to correct. What took a lot longer was cleaning all the crud out of the threads. I got some yarn from Kerin and went over each thread, top and bottom, like using dental floss. The adjustment roller works much better now. Once everything was cleaned up, I setup the back gauge to 2 5/16 inches...

...and just a few minutes later, I had a stack of 10 strips very uniform in width. Using the back gauge resulted in very consistent tolerance. Probably +/- 0.004 inch or less. Much better than these really need to be, but it's gratifying to get good results.