Sat Oct 16 2010

Riveting John Bowen's RV-9A

This morning I went up to John Bowen's house to rivet the forward turtledeck skin on. It went quite well until we had to rivet the F-706G brackets on and found that he didn't have enough AN470AD4-9 rivets. Fortunately he knew of a fellow about 15 minutes away that had some. We went to visit this fellow, Rick (I think?). Rick has an awesome collection of tractors and other stuff in his several barns. Here's a 60 horsepower tractor which he started up for us. It was a pretty complex starting procedure, but it got going right away.

Rick is an A&P mechanic for a living and was doing some work on this Cessna 150.

He had also recently painted the fuselage of this Piper PA-9.

He also had a certified Pitts project to work on.

Back at John's place, we finished the riveting of all but eight rivets. Looks good, John!

Here are the rivets attaching the F-706G bracket to the bulkhead. As in my case, a few needed to be installed with the shop head on the forward side.