Sun Nov 21 2010

Fabricating and fitting bowden cable brackets

These two brackets are going to be used to hold the ends of the Bowden cables for the two heat controls. In a past life, they were z-brackets for the fuel tanks.

After fabricating the brackets, I decided to finally get around to removing the bottom nutplates off the center spar cover brackets.

I used the drilling jig I had made previously to drill the new second rivet hole for a miniature single lug nutplate.

After slotting the screw hole and countersinking for the extra rivet, I got these nutplates riveted in. This was a major pain in the back (literally) since it's really cramped working in the forward part of the plane. I think I pulled a muscle in my back. Gah.

Next was to drill the hole for the second Bowden cable. I used a drilling jig to get ensure the hole was centered on the vertical stiffener.

...then opened the hole up to #11.

In order to correctly locate the Bowden cable brackets, I used some 3/16 steel rod to position them before drilling them to the firewall.

A bit of deburring, dimpling, and riveting later, they were attached. Looks good!

Not bad from the front side either.